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Mmmm Bert McCracken

About Me!!!

Bert McCracken
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About Me!!!
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The music is what matters most... I live for music.  If music were to cease to exsist I would be right there behind it.  My whole world revolves around music!  I play Violin at skool, Guitar at home and sing when I am listening to my cd's (even though I am not very good).  But see music is the base of my survival with out it I would be dead.

                                        My Favorite bands and song from said band
The Used-A Box Full of Sharp Objects
My Chemical romance- Give 'em Hell Kid 
Nirvana- Smells like teen spirit
Green day- Longview
Blink 182-Dammit

Other then music I love to read and play video games.  My favorite video game is old skool mortal kombat (super NES old skool) I also like to rock it old skool with my musci, such old skool rock includes Led Zepplin, Lynard Skynard, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton.

I also love to go shopping and to the skool plays.  Just last week I went to see guys and dolls, I loved it. 

If you live in louisville never buy your chucks at finish line in the Jefferson mall because the shoe dept. has the same exact shoes for 34.00 dollars!!
Cookies are yummy, the magic pixie monkeys have proven it through the magic of science.
Bert McCracken is also yummy especially with a side of Quinn Allman.

Skool makes you Stupor Smart

I hate Skool.  I am pretty sure Skool hates me back.  I don't like most the kids at Skool because they don't like me.  Like this one chick told my friend that she didn't want to sit next to her because she was scary.  Why are we scary? Is it because we are different?  I thought everyone was supposed to be equal in this country.  but apparently if you are a so called "GOTH" you are an ANTISOCIAL, EVIL, WORLD HATING MONSTER. Why do we have to be labled for being different?  That girl wouldn't like it if I told her she was a preppy B**** Would she?
                         The moral is DON'T LABLE OTHER PEOPLE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!
I just bought the best bag ever!  Has The Used on it of course!  It has the trees with all the falling hearts,  it's ubber smexy.  You know nobody ever comes to my website.  I know it isn't very yet but I can't get any good info on the other band members so please if you happen to glance at this please please send me a message if you have any info! 

Favorite Song

I love all of The songs by the used.  They are awesome!!!!