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Here's the scoop...


Bert Rocks!!!!!! I Love him so Much!!!!!!

  • His name is also the name of a cartoon character, from sesame street
  • He is really hott
  • He is allegedly bi and likes to make out with Gerard from mcr


 Bert McCracken Bio

Full Name: Robert McCracken

D.O.B: 25th Febuary 1982

Born: Orem, Utah

Born in one of the strictest Mormon communities around, Bert had a happy home life as a child. But as he grew into a teenager his and his parents views conflicted. to my girlfriend. They cornered me in my room.... I had nothing to say. I didn't feel like I'd done anything bad but I didn't want to make my parents more upset". Bert broke away from his strict life at 16 by dropping out of high school and leaving home when he became a drug addict. He went to jail on charge of posession, but his father stepped in to help and now they are good friends. When the rest of the band (Quinn, Jeff and Branden) were looking for a singer, someone remembered Bert and they called him. They just clicked, but Bert was still heavily into drugs, and was still going to Narcotics Annonymous. "If it weren't for the band, I think I'd still be getting high". Fortunetly Bert got clean and, after their first gig in January 2001, they were discovered by John Feldmann (Goldfinger) and signed to Reprise Records. After releasing their debut self titled album in 2002, they toured with the Warped Tour and Ozzfest. It was at Ozzfest where Bert met his ex-sweetheart, Kelly Osbourne. The pair dated for 7 months, but broke up 14th February 2003, when Bert proclaimed onstage 'I love you, but we're breaking up'. The breakup was caused, despite rumours of Bert using Kelly for publicity for the band, but because he's always on tour, and doesn't have time for a serious realtionship. On 27th May 2003 Bert fell onstage during 'On My Own' and could not continue singing. He was rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis 'a severe inflamation of the pancreas caused by autodigestion of the pancreatic tissue by its own enzymes. The condition stems from alcohol abuse or gallstones'. Alcohol abuse was denied by a spokesman. The Used began recording their second album in March 2004.

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I am saving the space below in hopes of one day meeting Bert and be able to talk with him and post it on my fan page, or be greedy and keep it for my self!!!


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